Dust and Scratch Removal

Discover the new standard!

When digitizing images, dust and scratches from the analog original also appear in the digitized image. Removing these defects with the Photoshop correction functionalities is difficult and time consuming.

The new innovative SRDx Plug-in (Smart Removal of Defects) is exactly what you need to efficiently remove lots of small defects like dust and scratches from your precious images to have them shine again.

* Movie shows macOS version. Windows version may differ.


Test Drive SRDx

Discover the ease and quickness of dust and scratch removal with SRDx. You can evaluate all software features in the demo version before you need to purchase the full version. The demo is limited to 30 days.

Easy to use

The process is as simple as it is straightforward and the plug-in integrates perfectly into your accustomed workflow in Photoshop.

It comes with a basic detection of dust and scratches and offers tools for manual and automated correction which you can easily adjust to your needs. The SRDx plug-in completes the dust and scratch removal toolset so that you have everything you need for all types of defect.


Drag the slider across the image below to see the outstanding results SRDx can achieve with severely damaged images.

Black & White Images

Black-and-white film is a special case regarding dust and scratch removal.


SRDx removes dust and scratches from Kodachrome film.

Photo Prints

When scanning prints you will find, damages, dust and scratches.

Digital Camera Images

Small dust particles on the lens of digital cameras can hardly be avoided.


SRDx also does its magic to your negative film.


Photoshop SRDx Plug-in

The new standard for Dust and Scratch Removal