Dust and Scratches can not be avoided

Even with very careful handling and when you are wearing gloves, it can hardly be avoided that small dust particles settle on your images. And on old photos, which may have gone through many hands, you will find a lot of dust, even small or large damages such as scratch marks are not uncommon. When scanning, which usually also involves magnifying the image material, these dust particles and defects will also get digitized and will be clearly visible on the display screen.

SRDx – Automatic Dust and Scratch Removal

With the SRDx Photoshop Plug-in you have the perfect tool for removing dust and scratches from your photo prints. You will reliably and efficiently eliminate different kind of defects. The specially developed algorithms of the plug-in will find the majority of the image defects on their own, you just determine the sensitivity of defect detection. Use marker tool, eraser and masks to strengthen or prevent the correction effects in selected image areas.

Photoshop SRDx Plug-in

The new standard for Dust and Scratch Removal