Supported Photoshop versions

An installed 64-bit copy of one of the following Photoshop editions is required.



CS6, CC &
CC 2014

CC 2015 &
CC 2017 – 2019

CC 2020 – current

Supported Photoshop Elements versions

An installed 64-bit copy of one of the following Photoshop Elements editions is required.

Open CL

SRDx accesses the processor of your graphic board using the OpenCL interface to achieve a truly impressive speed for correcting dust and scratches. This requires OpenCL in version 1.2 or later. Intel Mac systems from 10.10 with original graphics card always support OpenCL.

For Windows: To ensure that your system can provide this interface, please install the latest drivers for your graphic board. You can find them on the website of your graphic board‘s manufacturer. If you do not know the exact name of your graphic board, you can look it up using the DirectX analysis tool. Just type “dxdiag” into the Windows search box. In the DirectX diagnostic tool, select the “display” tab. In the “device” area, you will find the “name” field, which shows the manufacturer and graphic board model.

Manual & Videos

Visit our manual and video page to learn how to use the SRDx Photoshop plug-in.

Manual & Videos

System Requirements

Find out if your system and Photoshop are ready for the SRDx plug-in.

System Requirements

Help & Support

In case of any questions, please read our FAQ or contact the SRDx support team.

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