System Requirements

2GB of RAM are required, 4GB are highly recommended.
512 MB of VRAM are required, 1GB are highly recommended.
For activating the plug-in an internet connection is required.

SRDx is a Plug-in for Photoshop (64 bit) on macOS version 10.10 or higher and on Windows (64 bit) 7 or higher.

For Windows, we recommend using a high-performance graphics card instead of a graphics processor integrated into the motherboard or main processor. Your graphics card driver must support OpenCL. (Intel Mac systems from 10.10 with the original graphics card always support OpenCL.)

Supported Photoshop versions

An installed 64bit copy of one of the following Photoshop editions is required:
• Photoshop CC, CC 2014, CC 2015.X, CC 2017 – 2023
• Photoshop CS5.5, Photoshop CS6
• Photoshop Elements 13, Elements 14, Elements 15, Elements 2018 – 2023


SRDx accesses the processor of your graphic board using the OpenCL interface to achieve a truly impressive speed for correcting dust and scratches. This requires OpenCL in version 1.2 or later. Intel Mac systems from 10.10 with original graphics card always support OpenCL.

For Windows: To ensure that your system can provide this interface, please install the latest drivers for your graphic board. You can find them on the website of your graphic board‘s manufacturer. If you do not know the exact name of your graphic board, you can look it up using the DirectX analysis tool. Just type “dxdiag” into the Windows search box. In the DirectX diagnostic tool, select the “display” tab. In the “device” area, you will find the “name” field, which shows the manufacturer and graphic board model.

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