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Why SRDx – Smart Removal of Defects?

You can’t handle your slides, film strips, photos or Kodachrome images careful enough to prevent dust and scratches completely. The moment you take them out of the box, you’ll have dust on it. When you digitize your images with a digital camera, you don’t have any infrared-based dust and scratch removal. There are even some scanners that don’t have the extra IR channel for infrared dust and scratch removal. Long story short: the dust remains and is transferred to the digital image and ruins it.

I can use the stamp tool to correct it…

Of course you can, but you don’t really want to do that! It takes a lot of time and you’ll end up doing it for only the most important images, if any at all. Spare the stamp tool for single or really large defects…

Highly adjustable detection of defects with defect marker and content protection.

Efficient removal of various defect types.

What’s so special about SRDx?

Most dust and scratch removal tools use blur effects which degrade the overall quality of your images. SRDx works without any unsharping effects and keeps the sharpness of your original.

In contrast to many other programs, SRDx uses an adjustable automatic detection of dust and scratches that can be fine-tuned manually by a defect marker and a rubber tool, so that corrections are made only where they are really needed. Photoshop’s mask and layer functions are a good way to define precisely where you want to apply the plug-in. On Mac you can use our own mask tool in addition.

SRDx shines on images with a large number of flaws like dust particles, specks, small scratches and even finger prints. It would take you a lot of time to correct these defects with a stamp tool.

How does SRDx work?

SRDx uses an algorithm which has been programmed to recognise typical scratch marks and dust. These flaws differ enough from their surrounding so that the software can identify them and correct them with the surrounding image information without any blur effect. A preview window for simultaneous visual control gives direct feedback on what you’re doing and thus allows a really reliable correction. SRDx uses an automatic detection and correction that can be adjusted precisely to match the size and type of defect in your picture. This automatic correction does a great deal of the clean-up for you and leaves you only with some manual fine tuning with a sophisticated defect marker and content protection tool. It is this great combination that saves you a ton of time and labor.

The detection parameters can be adapted to the defect types.

Defects can be removed without affecting image details.

What do I do with all the time I’m saving?

Sorry, man… that’s up to you… 😉 Maybe you should just take some more pictures…

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