Digital images

Dust particles on the lens can ruin the best image

Small dust particles on the lens of digital cameras can hardly be avoided. When viewed on the monitor screen, these particles are magnified with the image and are thus particularly clearly visible. Such flaws can distort an image in such a way that it becomes a case for the recycle bin, because manual correction in Photoshop is complex and has to be learned. As long as the contamination of the lens is not noticed and eliminated, the error continues on further images. This means that whole image series may be shot to no avail.

The SRDx Photoshop Plug-in rescues defective images

The SRDx plug-in is capable of automatically detecting and removing dust and other image defects from the image. Sophisticated algorithms developed especially for SRDx find artifacts very reliable, but spare image details. The user can variably set the sensitivity of the correction and evaluate the correction effects immediately on the screen. Using additional tools he can exclude image areas from the correction or locally strengthen the correction.